F530B – Discussion Board: Generating Force

3.1(b). F530B – Discussion Board – Generating Force
This assessment target ELOs:
• 400-SMC-1011.3.2 (F301: Range of Military Operations (ROMO),
• 400-SMC-1011.3.3 (F302: The Sustainment Brigade),
• 400-SMC-1011.3.4 (F303: Generating Force Support to Forces),
• 400-SMC-1011.3.6 (F305: Global Mobility), and
• 400-SMC-1011.3.7 (F306: Train and Deploy the Brigade).
Purpose: Using discussion board posts, students will share knowledge and experience on the topic below using scholarly message board forums. Discussion board post will allow for professional discussion and feedback among students exercising cognitive and critical thinking skills, which allows for thoughtful reflection on the topic.
For this discussion board assignment, students have the option to write about one of the two topics. Students will choose one of the below topics and follow the instructions for that topic.
Topic of Discussion 1: Analyze the concepts and theories you read about in F302 and F303; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, analyze and discuss how key generating force agencies provide support to the operating force during the SRM process, and then link how the capabilities of the sustainment brigade supports the task force in operations.
Topic of Discussion 2: Analyze the concepts and theories you read about in F301, F305, and F306; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, discuss a challenge (F306) that the U.S Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) may face during RSOI (F305) throughout DefenseSupport of Civil Authorities (DSCA) operations (F301) and how to proactively prevent or reactively overcome that challenge.
Assignment Instructions: Post a substantial initial response, with at least one (1) cited source and a minimum of 350 words, to the chosen topic. Identify references following the post using APA format. Additionally, respond to at least two (2) posts of your classmates, with at least one (1) cited source each and a minimum of 150 words per response, for full participation credit.

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