Extreme Alteration Photoshop

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“Extreme Alterations”: Alter at least two photos changing the colors and other features with the Photoshop software.


  1. Alter at least 2 photos
  2. Copy and paste into a Word document. Under each photo, describe what was done to each photo. The description should refer to the artistic intention of the photo and be presented as a “before-after” comparison.
  3. Save the document and attach it to the assignment before submitting it.

This assignment should at least be as elaborate as the sample below.

Altered Photo

I altered the original photo in several steps. First I applied the artistic dry brush filter, which made the picture a little bit blurry. Then I selected the stones with the lasso tool. Afterwards I used the tool “enhance – adjust color – color variations” and hit the “increase red button” several times, until the stones got this yellow-red appearance. Then I selected the water in the foreground with the Magic Wand Tool with several clicks, holding down the shift button. In the next step I selected Filter – Adjustments – Photo Filter and applied a blue color with a high density to the water. After that I selected the forest with Rectangular Marquee Tool and then the lasso tool. I changed this section to black and white. Finally I applied the artistic dry brush filter again, so that the image got a little bit blurrier.

I think the final result shows an interesting image, the application of a creative process. I used my Photoshop skills to alter the original image into something very different. The message completely changed. The water appears to be contaminated, unnatural, and the stones look “eroded”. The black and white forest does not invite the viewer anymore to enter it. In me the image causes a strong feeling of rejection. It looks false, not real, and artificial, in a sense destroyed. I would like to know how others feel about this?

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