Explore How the Role of a People Professional is Evolving and the Implications this has for Continuing Professional Development.

Explain the following:
• ▪ How the role of a people professional is changing?
• ▪ What impact are these changes having on our CPD?
• ▪ What are the key characteristics of a good-practice CPD?

The concepts of CPD and Reflective Practice:
• You should explain:
• What is meant by CPD
• Focus on the CIPD CPD guidance – 3 main elements to include are:

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Where are you now?
  3. Where do you want to be.
    • Link to map in passion for learning.
    • What CPD involves – the process
    • Why CPD is important
    • What is meant by ‘reflective practice’ – and how reflective practice is an important, integral feature of effective CPD.

How the role of a people professional is changing and the implication this has for CPD
• You should identify 3-5 specific examples of how the people professional role in changing – provide a structured response that clearly reflects specific examples
• For each identified example, explain what the implications are for CPD
• You might consider using a 2-column table here

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