Experiment Validity

Read the article by Wang and Calvano (2015), and answer the following questions:
a. List the models’ independent variables.    (3 marks)
b. List the models’ dependent variables.    (3 marks)
c. Consider H1. Identify and explain whether the hypothesis has been written as directional or nondirectional.    (3 marks)
d. Consider H1. Identify and explain whether the hypothesis has been written in the null or alternate format.   (3 marks)
e. Consider H3. What does the word “interact” mean in the way it has been used in the hypothesis?    (4 marks)
f. The study used “treatment and control groups”. What is the purpose of using treatment and control groups?    (4 marks)
g. This study used a “posttest-only” design, what does this mean?    (4 marks)
h. What are the disadvantages of using a posttest design compared to other experimental designs?    (4 marks)
i. The experiment was conducted over several weeks, what potential problems might arise from conducting the experiment over this period that may effect the validity of the experiment?    (4 marks)
j. The study uses measures adapted from prior studies. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using measures from prior studies?    (4 marks)
k. Identify the control variables used in the study.     (3 marks)
l. Summarise the study’s findings in answering the question “Does gender effect the ethical decisions of business students?”    (6 marks)
m. Wang and Calvano (2015) refer to the meta-analysis of Waples et al. (2009). What is the purpose of a meta-analysis?    (4 marks)

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