Expectancy Theory

Read the attached PowerPoint presentation on motivation focus on the material of Expectancy Theory and the attached pages of chapter 7 of the book Essentials of Organizational Behavior.  You will need to reference the book in your paper. Then follow instructions below.  Attached is the survey you will need to complete the assignment.  You will need to complete the survey and write the paper based upon your own personal experiences.

Before you write the paper:

Complete the three parts of the survey.  The questions in the first set assess Instrumentality (the degree to which individuals believe that their performance leads to rewards); the questions in the second set assess Valence (the perceived meaningfulness (importance) of the rewards); and the questions in the third set assess Expectancy (the degree to which individuals believe that their effort will lead to performance).  After completing the survey, calculate your total motivation score by following the instructions at the end.  The highest possible score is 343; the lowest possible score is 1.  The higher the score, the higher the motivation level.  Higher scores usually are the result of all three dimensions (Instrumentality, Valence, and Expectancy) being high simultaneously, while low scores often result from the opposite.  Scores in the middle would suggest that one or two of the dimensions are scored lower.

Following is an approximate guide to interpreting scores from the survey, based on a large sample of respondents (mostly working university students between about 21-35 years of age):

Over 260:  very high scores, indicating a very high level of motivation

200-260:  high scores, indicating a high level of motivation

160-200:  moderately high scores, indicating a moderately high level of motivation

120-160:  about average scores, indicating an average level of motivation

80-120:  below average scores, indicating a below average level of motivation

< 80:  very low scores, indicating a very low level of motivation

Instructions for the paper:

Write about your overall motivation score; briefly describe what you do in your current job (or one of your previous jobs) this should be about 1 page.

Then discuss the three dimensions of Instrumentality, Valence, and Expectancy as they relate to the job you described.  Specifically, discuss: (1) do you have enough resources and support at work that If you put effort into your job this will result in high performance? (2) If you perform well do you get intrinsic and/or extrinsic rewards? (For example, recognition and appreciation from your supervisor and peers, or a merit raise?); (3) Do you value these rewards? Are they meaningful to you?  This should be about 2 pages.



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