Excel Data Analysis

Using prior skills with spreadsheet data analysis, a case study scenario provided, and a prepared database to complete Case Study #8 (Part 3).  Before getting started with the assignment, you will want to thoroughly understand the position our case study company, Boutique Hotel Reservations, finds itself in by reviewing the scenario and the Access file (provided below).  In this exercise, you will “use your skills to help the association learn about its customers and provide recommendations for how to spend its limited marketing budget” (Monk, 2015, p. 153).  You are given a Access relational database below to work with and a complete the scenario description.

Deliverable Tasks:

Task 1 (Access file): Create the analysis referred to in the Textbook on pages 154 – 159.  There are five tasks described in Assignment 1A and 7 tasks in Assignment 1B.  Complete all of these by adding to the attached Access file and then submit your assignment file using the naming convention of: JSmith_WK1_A1

Task 2 (Word file): Use the data analysis you completed in Assignment 1 to answer all of the six bullet questions posed for this scenario assignment on page 159.  Summarize the answers to these questions, along with your insights, findings remarks, and conclusions in a Microsoft Word memo to the company ownership.  Your conclusions should explain how best the company can use the “limited marketing budget” (Monk, 2015, p. 153) it has available. Use the instructions on page 159 and Tutorial E to format your Memo.  Then, submit your Word file with the naming convention: JSmith_WK1_A2

If you have not already read all of the assigned reading, please proceed to the “Reading & Resources” section before attempting this assignment.

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