Evolutionary Psychology

Question 1

250 to three hundred fifty 350 words Apa format in text citations references

  1. There has been significant debate over whether personality is caused/influenced by genetics. What is your opinion on this debate?
  2. Is evolutionary psychology a valid consideration when attempting to explain personality? Why?

Question 2

“Genetics vs. Society” Please respond to the following:

Consider the nature-nurture debate and the trait of “intelligence.” What factors impact a person’s intelligence? Which of these factors have the strongest influence on a person’s level of intelligence? Do you believe nature or nurture plays a more significant role in how smart a person is?

Question 3

make a powerpoint presentation on Downs Syndrome. Ensure you have included all the features, diagnostic tests and management. It should be 50 slides minimum and include speaker notes too.

Question 4

could one argue that studying Freud, The Neo Freudians, Skinner, Maslow, and others is relevant in view of research demonstrating that genetics if physiological or anatomical changes in the brain affect personality?

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