Evolutionary Psychology


PSY 101

Essay Prompts

Essay: Evolutionary Psychology Assignment

Evolutionary psychology has had a significant influence on the discipline of psychology but some take issue with its foundational assumptions.

  • Describe your worldview.Some of the constructs from the BWVI are relevant and may help you think through your worldview.
  • Is evolutionary psychology compatible with your worldview?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary psychology

Essay: That’s Your Perception Assignment

The systems responsible for sensation are remarkably similar from one person to another, but each person uniquely experiences sensory input. Perception of the same event is likely to be different for different people. For example, water that is too hot for one person may be just right for another. The volume of sound at a concert may be painfully loud for one person but enjoyable for another.

  • What are the factors that create these differences in perceptions from person to person?
  • Do these differences in perception indicate differences in reality?
  • Can we be confident that our perceptions reflect reality?

Essay: You be the Professor Assignment

One of the most important skills for students to master is how to study! Using information from the Learning, Memory and Intellegence chapter in your textbook, discuss the following:

  • If you were to lead a Freshman Seminar for incoming students, what study strategies would you recommend and why? Apply what you have read about learning in the chapter for this Module: Week using citations from the textbook.
  • What cautions would you give students about multitasking? Use the concepts from the text to answer these questions.

Essay: Motivation, Values and Purpose Assignment

What gets you out of bed in the morning?Why are you enrolled in this course?In the reading for this Module: Week, we looked at numerous factors that can influence motivation. Discuss the following:

  • Based on the information from the reading in this Module: Week, what do you think the difference is between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The discussion on intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcement from chapter 4 may help you thing through these concepts.
  • Then look at the venn diagram in chapter one (FIGURE 1.1 Intersecting Areas that Comprise Purpose) and describe how values and purpose might inform one’s experience with motivation.
  • In addition to the information in our textbook discuss what motivates you in your educational pursuits. How do your values and purpose impact your experience?

Essay: Put that Phone Down Assignment

Electronic devices have saturated our society, becoming a distraction that hinders our connections with others. For this assignment, imagine that you are a developmental expert asked to help individuals connect meaningfully with someone in a particular stage of life. Outline a response by writing an essay that includes these points:

  • Choose a life stage (for example: infancy, adolescence, older adulthood, etc.).
  • Using information from our textbook describe the primary need or needs of individuals in that stage of life.
  • Suggest at least 3 activities that would facilitate a meaningful connection based on the need(s) you have described.

Essay: Worldview and Psychology Assignment

You will use the email and password you created to retake the Biblical Worldview Indicator (BWIV). Take the assessment (should take about 10 minutes) and download your scores. Answer the following questions:

  • Were you BWVI results different from your original scores in Module 1: Week 1?Did the results of the BWVI match your expectations for your own worldview? If so, how? If not, how?
  • How do the 6 constructs of the BWVI impact the way in which the field of psychology is studied? (For example, how does the way in which we see the origins (cosmology) of the world impact the way we approach humanity and way in which we approach psychology?).
  • A few sentences for each construct is sufficient.
  • Essay Assignment Instructions In General Psychology, you will write several essays throughout the term.For each essay you will answer a question about the Module: Week topic(s), writing in a way that is engaging and furthers discussion on the topic. Use the guidelines below to write a substantive essay:
    • Each essay must include at least 400 words.
    • While meeting the word count is important, it is possible to write an essay that is long enough, but not substantive enough to earn full credit .The second criteria of a good essay is including a clear and substantial answer to the prompt .When preparing your essay, ask yourself,
    • When answering the essay question, it is important to use concepts, research, and/or theories from the Module: Week material to support your thoughts .A good essay will:
      • Offer a thoughtful response on the topic being discussed, and
      • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic by using material from the resources provided for that Module: Week in your answer. Using anecdotes or personal experiences are not as substantial or scholarly as using research and/or theory to advance the discussion.
    • A good essay offers something new and fresh.
      • Avoid simply answering the question with a simple response or reiteration of what the textbook says.
      • Present information in a way that advances thought on the topic and shows a clear understanding of and reflection on the material.
      • Demonstrate your knowledge by presenting facts.
      • Demonstrate your understanding by providing practical application.
      • This does not mean that you write and write and write, but rather that you present a thought-filled and reflective essay that addresses the question being asked in a way that demonstrates a true depth of understanding of the Module: Week material.
    • A good essay is written in a scholarly way. Each essay:
    • Does my essay answer the question or questions being posed?
    • Does it clearly answer all parts of the question, supported by course materials?
    • Is free of grammatical and spelling errors,
    • Uses current APA format (Student Standards),
    • Includes in-text citations and a reference section,
    • Includes an APA-formatted title page,
    • Demonstrates a solid understanding of course concepts by using scholarly sources rather than personal experience or anecdotes .Please see the Essay Assignment page under the Essay Resources for Essay Prompts. Please review the Essay Grading Rubric prior to writing your first essay to determine what is expected.

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