Evolution Of Laptops

Over the term you will be applying various assignments toward an ultimate deliverable: a technical proposal to replace your organization’s current aging laptops. Your eventual document should include a comparison table, references, a task analysis, an audience analysis, and more. Assume a $55,000 budget for a 30-person staff of engineers involved in geotechnical tasks – siting landfills, analyzing groundwater plumes, assessing water quality, measuring air quality, and other environmental science tasks. Your primary goal is to select a device from three leading contenders that fits with the tasks you assume will be completed. You may want to research discounts for bulk orders to stretch your budget. You can assume you don’t have to account for software – this is a hardware-only budget. You may consider additional accessories. If you can save money, you should note that, but make it up elsewhere. Your supervisor will insist on spending all the money budgeted. Along the way, you will create several documents, including an email to your supervisor volunteering to author the report, a survey to assess your team’s needs, and research for source material that builds your case, as well as a draft presentation describing your status.
Assignment Instructions
Exercise 8 – ADD: Create a PowerPoint (or equivalent) slide deck for presenting your findings to date regarding your course project. For the presentation deck, assume you have 5-7 minutes at the end of a staff meeting. You will show the team your Pros & Cons table from assignment 3, your research from assignment 5, and the results of your survey in assignment 6 (which you will probably have to invent). Your email from assignment 2 could also be noted. You should also include some of your references as hyperlinks. The team will want to see an image of your current preferred alternative and the leading contenders, plus your draft comparison table.
Previous Work
Pros and cons table:

Please redo to make better in the presentation. Prof didn’t like bullets in tables. Also feels like it needs more work.

Survey questions and results:

Prof didn’t like how I set this table up so please redo when putting in presentation. He wants me to include the questions in the table. Also we’re assuming that out of the 30 members of the team on 10 responded which is why n = 10. The presentation also needs to include a takeaways slide.
Comparison table

These are the 3 laptops I am debating for the new laptop. Currently leaning more towards the Dell one since it fits the results of the survey. All under budget.

Needs more work. Also I’m not sure how to add into presentation.

Presentation also needs pics of devices. Please use stuff above to build off of.

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