Evidence Based Research Utilization for Advanced Practice Nursing

This paper will be written in APA format (7th ed.) and will be based on a Randomized Control Trial written within the past 5 years. The RCT should be related to your PICOT question. It will be another piece on which to build your capstone project.
After conducting a literature search and determining which RCT best relates to your PICOT question, you will write a paper explaining how is it related, use the rapid critical appraisal questions to evaluate the article, and then determine its utility in clinical practice.
• Title page in APA format
• 3-4 pages of information in APA format
• 1-2 paragraphs discussing how the article relates to your PICOT question
• Answer all questions on the General Appraisal Overview of All Studies and Rapid Critical Appraisal Questions for RCT in paragraph format (do not answer in one-word answers – remember this is a scholarly paper)
• 1-2 paragraphs about your conclusion about the RCT and it applicability in clinical practice.
• Reference page in APA format
Remember resources should not be older than 5 years unless it is a landmark study or guideline. Also, if you use websites, use scholarly and valid resources. Do NOT use webMD, Wikipedia, or resources that are no able to be verified. If you have questions about this, please ask. Remember we are looking for evidence – based resources.
Critical Appraisal Appendix can be found in this week’s module. Use General Appraisal Overview of all Studies (page 709) and Rapid Critical Appraisal Questions for RCT (page 711).
This is paper is worth 100 points and 15% of your grade.

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