Evidence-Based Project Study

Write a 2-page paper (excluding title page and reference page) to address the following:

For the evidence-based problem that you identified in Week 1 for your project, locate two different articles/sources representing two different types of evidence from the following categories: (a) systematic review, (b) national clinical guidelines and/or (c) peer-reviewed quantitative / qualitative studies.
For each article/source of evidence:
Summarize the article/source in your own words without the use of direct quotes.
Using the Peterson et al., (2014) article located in Week 2 Resources address the level of evidence (hierarchy). Then discuss the usefulness of the evidence from the article/source in addressing the identified practice problem. Be sure to site evidence in-text and in a final reference page.
Describe where your two sources fit into the hierarchy of evidence and explain why.
Describe the value of these two sources in better understanding and addressing your evidence-based problem.

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