Evidence-Based Project: Critical Appraisal of Research

Use this document to complete the evaluation table requirement of the Module 4 Assessment, Evidence-Based Project, Part 3A: Critical Appraisal of Research

Full APA formatted citation of selected article.Article #1Article #2Article #3Article #4
Evidence Level * (I, II, or III)      
Conceptual Framework   Describe the theoretical basis for the study (If there is not one mentioned in the article, say that here).**            
Design/Method   Describe the design and how the study was carried out (In detail, including inclusion/exclusion criteria).    
Sample/Setting   The number and characteristics of patients, attrition rate, etc.            
Major Variables Studied   List and define dependent and independent variables      
Measurement   Identify primary statistics used to answer clinical questions (You need to list the actual tests done).    
Data Analysis Statistical or Qualitative findings   (You need to enter the actual numbers determined by the statistical tests or qualitative data).    
Findings and Recommendations   General findings and recommendations of the research    
Appraisal and Study Quality     Describe the general worth of this research to practice.   What are the strengths and limitations of study?   What are the risks associated with implementation of the suggested practices or processes detailed in the research?   What is the feasibility of use in your practice?    
    Key findings          
General Notes/Comments              

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