Evidence-based Practice

• The ‘command verb’ here is ‘evaluation’ – this means explain in depth and use secondary sources to support your explanation
• You should:
• Provide an explanation covering what the concept of ‘evidence-based practice’ (EBP) means (use a CIPD secondary source here)
• Explain at least one EBP approach (such as the ‘rational’ approach is used
• Explain how the EBP approach can be used to provide insight (enable you to see what might otherwise be hidden) to support sound decision-making and judgements made by people professionals
• Give two examples of a people practice (day-to-day people practice activities)
• Give two examples of how EBP is used to support sound decision-making from an organisational perspective

People practices could be (examples)
• Resourcing
• Reward
• L&D
• Performance
• (and other areas of day-to-day people practice)

Organisational issues (examples):
• Raising level of employee engagement
• Increasing productivity
• Raising levels of customer satisfaction
• Themes associated with change

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