Event Planners

Question 1

Transportation for a Promotional Tour

As an event/meeting planner you will need to plan for transportation for a promotional tour. Think of a theme for the event and how you can incorporate that theme into transportation needs for the attendees. The attendees are arriving at a major city near you and are part of an effort on behalf of that city to:

Choose one:

  • Promote it to corporate event planners — 100 event and travel planners are attending.
  • Promote the city as a corporate headquarters or new office to a group of 75 corporate planners.
  • Promoting restaurants to national and international investors looking for commercial real estate — 75 investors are attending.

After your initial posting, reply to classmates with suggestions for their theme as well.

Then discuss what considerations and planning is involved in the transportation of the attendees in the tour.

Question 2

You and your business partner have been hired to plan an annual city event. One event is the annual arts festival that draws hundreds of vendors and attracts thousands of visitors. The other event is a sporting exhibition and is equally as popular. You will choose only one event to plan.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of your marketing strategy. Then you will create a promotional audio visual presentation version and share the URL provided by the software company of choice (when you have finished creating your presentation) with the class in the Discussion area.


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