Evaluation of Synthesis


Hello i send you the syllabus so that you know what the class about

==============================================================================================The project will be a program evaluation synthesis of six (6) evaluations of a (a) federal, (b) state, (c) county, or (d) municipal program based on the student’s choice.

Class grades will be based on

  • a first draft of the introduction of the synthesis of six (6) evaluations of the chosen policy or program :
    • Microsoft Word document;
    • name of student;
    • title with name of discussed program and the term “synthesis;”
    • two page
    • double spaced;
    • 12 pt. font;
    • document page number(s);
    • direct quotes need a page number; if there are no page numbers state “n.p;”
    • references in reference section in alphabetical order by last name;
    • American Psychological Association (APA) 7, author/year of publication style

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