This theory application assignment requires you to select and apply ONE theoretical
perspective (e.g., Ethnomethodology) to an empirical phenomenon of your choosing.
To this end, you must (i) accurately explain one contemporary sociological theory
(introduced in the assigned readings); (ii) adequately describe a ‘real-world’ trend,
occurrence or outcome (using evidence collected from scholarly sources); and (iii)
sufficiently utilize the nominated theory’s key concepts, analytical framework and causal
reasoning to interpret, analyze and explain this real-world phenomenon.

  1. Papers must incorporate data from at least five outside sources. Three of these must
    be scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles (see below for a list of
    recommended sociology journals) and academic press chapters/books.
    2.Papers are due by 11:59PM on Friday, March 11th, 2022. Term papers must be
    submitted electronically, via Canvas TurnItIn. Late papers will NOT be accepted.
  2. Papers must conform to the following format specifications:
    ASA citation style (see ‘ASA Style Guide’ on SOC 102 Canvas website)
    Paper title (summarizing the main ideas of the paper)
    Times 12-point font
    Double spaced
    Standard margins
    Numbered pages
    Reference page
    5 pages in length (excluding reference page)
    Sociological Journals:
    American Journal of Sociology
    American Sociological Review
    Annual Review of Sociology
    Contemporary Sociology
    Cultural Sociology
    Deviant Behavior
    Economy and Society
    Ethnic and Racial Studies
    European Journal of Social Theory
    Gender and Society
    Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
    Journal of Health and Social Behavior
    Journal of Marriage and Family
    Qualitative Sociology
    Social Forces
    Social Problems
    Social Psychology Quarterly
    Sociological Forum
    Sociological Inquiry
    Sociological Methodology
    Sociological Perspectives
    Sociological Theory
    Sociology of Education
    Sociology of Health and Illness
    Sociology of Religion
    Symbolic Interactionism
    Theory, Culture and Society
    Theory and Society
    Work, Employment and Society
    Work and Occupations
    Youth and Society

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