Ethnicity and Religion

Question 1

Please report on the death penalty status in Florida.

Please report the statistics by ethnicity and religion if it is possible like in a table or a chart and most importantly, the last execution in the state.

The paper will require research (a minimum of five outside sources). What citation format you use is not important, as long as you use a consistent format throughout and cite all your sources. The paper should be double-spaced and 3-4 pages long (1,000-1,500 words).

APA format.

Question 2

Focusing on American history from colonization to 1877, analyze the plight of minorities in early American society, focusing specifically on Native Americans, Africans, and women. Evaluate changing political and social movements and how the minorities were affected, both positively and negatively. Compare the difficulties and successes of minority groups in that time period with minority groups in present-day America.

Question 3

research and locate at least one United States Supreme Court case that you believe influenced state or federal decisions or actions about your selected public policy issue that in turn will influence your departmental policy.

The public policy issue is on Race, National Origin and Ethnicity.

Prompt: In a minimum of 400 words, address the following in your journal entry:

Provide the name of the case and the court’s holding in the case.

Explain how you believe the court’s decision played a role in policy changes.

Support your journal entry using specific details regarding the decision of the case.

Describe how you will apply what you have learned to your final project

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