Ethnic Inequality


1. How does your ethnicity contribute to your views on ethnic inequality? 

2. Discuss how ethnocentrism contributes to ethnic inequality within and between nations. 

3.Explain your answer.Review the Internal Value Chain Model discussed in Chapter 2 of your textbook. Considering all aspects seen within an organizations internal value chain what is the goal of using this tool? Are we looking to change what we are doing or are we looking at ways to be better at what we are already doing? Why? Please provide detailed rational with at least one supporting reference for this DQ.

4.When conducting an external evaluation of an organization how does leadership manage the scope in which they evaluate for an external analysis? Keep in mind an external environment could theoretically be all other health care organizations in the world, we need a clear scope. What additional challenges might leadership see when conducting an internal and external analysis for an organization?

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