Use your Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions text to read the following:
• Chapter 8, “Professional Competence and Training,” pages 301–333.
• Chapter 9, “Ethical Issues in Supervision,” pages 334–364.
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[u08d1] Unit 8 Discussion 1
Supervising Interns Discussion 1
What criteria should addiction professionals in supervisory roles use when determining whether a trainee needs remediation? List three specific behaviors that might indicate an intern may not be competent to work with others in a helping relationship.
What types of remediation activities or programs should be required for interns who are demonstrating problem behaviors in their programs or at their internship and practicum sites? For each of the three problem behaviors you identified, discuss a method by which the intern could address these issues and describe how the intern would demonstrate improvement.
Do you believe personal therapy should be a requirement for those who are preparing to become addiction professionals? Why or why not?
Support your ideas with references to specific ethical standards and to a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles.

Supervision and Consultation
To complete this discussion: # 2
• Describe three responsibilities of supervisors or consultants that are discussed in the Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions text and provide an example of how each of these responsibilities might arise for the site supervisors in the settings where you will be doing your internship and practicum.
• Which ethical principles would guide how to manage each example?
• Use scholarly sources to support your analysis.

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