Ethical Issues in Evaluation and Assessment, and Professional Relationships

In the course of their work, addiction professionals may be asked to provide some form of assessment or evaluation of a client or student with whom they are working. At times, the addiction professional may be the person who selects, administers, and interprets standardized tests or assessment instruments to gather information for these types of evaluations. In other cases, the addiction professional may need to obtain and integrate assessments made by other professionals in order to determine the mental health needs and most effective counseling approach for a client or student. The professional codes of ethics have specific standards relating to the areas of assessment and evaluation.
To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Identify strategies to address ethical and legal issues with other professionals.
  2. Implement strategies to research current state laws that regulate and impact credentialing, certification, and licensing of addiction professionals.
  3. Articulate how state laws regulate and impact credentialing, certification, and licensing of addiction professionals.
  4. Communicate effectively through the consistent use of APA guidelines for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics expected of an addiction professional.
    [u07s1] Unit 7 Study 1
    Use your Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions text to read the following:
    • Chapter 10, “Issues in Theory and Practice,” pages 365–394.
    Use the University Library to read the following article:
    • Naugle, K. A. (2009). Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development, 42(1), 31–45. doi:10.1177/0748175609333561
    [u07a1] Unit 7 Assignment 1
    Licensure and Certification
  5. For your own state, do addiction professionals need to hold a license, credential, certification, or some other designation to work as an addiction professional? These terms can mean different things in different states. How are they defined in your state? Locate the laws in your state that regulate and impact the credentialing, certification, and/or licensing of addiction professionals working within your addiction specialization area (prevention, treatment, supervisor). Describe where you located the laws and include the full reference for the publication or the website address.
  6. Summarize in your own words three key content areas in your state laws as they relate to professionals in your specialization area. This may include areas such as educational requirements needed for licensure; internship, practicum, and supervision requirements; specific required licensing and credentialing examinations; continuing education requirements for licensed professionals; and grounds for suspension, or revocation of a license or certification.
  7. Identify the specific publications or websites where pending legislation and updated or revised laws pertaining to licensure and credentialing are published. Describe the steps you will take to remain current of all revisions and amendments to state laws that will impact your own credential, certificate, or license and the work you do as an addiction professional.
    Additional Requirements
    • Written communication: Develop accurate written communication and thoughts that convey the overall goals of the project and do not detract from the overall message. Your paper should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills.
    • References: Your reference list must include at least two sources. You must use proper APA style to list your references. Refer to APA Style and Format (linked in Resources) as needed.
    • Number of pages: The length of your paper should be 2–3 double-spaced content pages. (Note: page count does not include cover page or references.)
    • Formatting: Use APA formatting, including the following: correct in-text citations, proper punctuation, double-spacing throughout, proper headings and subheadings, no skipped lines before headings and subheadings, proper paragraph and block indentation, no bolding, and no bullets.

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