Ethical Dilemma Questions

Choose 2 questions below.  Each response should be between five and seven (5-7) pages. APA STYLE.

minimum 4 references per question)

 Question #7 should be between 10-14 pages and counts as 2 questions. Integrate required, recommended, and other relevant readings (minimum 8 references for question #7). 

Use APA style citations.

Criteria for Evaluation:

The grade for the paper will be based on:

              1.           Clarity in expression of ideas;

              2.           Thoughtfulness of your responses.

              3.           Critical, analytic thinking applied to writing.

              4.           Integration of course content and readings.

              5.           Originality of your thinking.

  1. Describe an ethical dilemma that you have encountered in practice this year.  Define how it meets the criteria of ethical dilemma.  If you have not encountered any ethical dilemmas, please speak to your supervisor and findout what’s the most common dilemma encountered by staff in that agency. Use the course readings and Code of Ethics to analyze the situation and the action that you think/thought is/was most appropriate and ethical in this situation.

2.   In thinking about your current and/or last year’s field placement, how has the supervisory style and skills of your field instructor(s) influenced your learning process and practice. What was your role in the supervisory relationship? What have you learned from your experience/or not learned in supervision that will inform your thinking and behavior as a future supervisor (positive or negative, or both)?  In answering this question, consider issues of authority, parallel process, dependency, privilege, autonomy, splitting, boundaries, manipulation, control, power, and differences and similarities between you and your field instructor (e.g., age, gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation). Be sure to refer to specific readings.

  1. Cultural competence has been a concept highlighted through the curriculum in your graduate study. How have you come to understand it? What changes or challenges did you confront in coming to a place where you both understand and are able to work within a cultural competence framework? Illustrate by giving an example of how this occurred working with an Individual, family, or group and/or agency. What courses were the most helpful and/or not helpful with this learning? Please use relevant literature from this course or other course readings in support of your thoughts, observations and statements.
  • Each of us finds a particular client or population is difficult to work with.  Discuss how a specific case or population has been challenging for you in terms of engagement and therapeutic alliance, boundaries, secondary traumatic stress, and countertransference.  Incorporate relevant literature in your discussion.
  • Briefly review the following clinical concepts discussed in class:  1) self-disclosure  2) Projection/Projective Identification  3) Countertransference  4) Transference  5) Authenticity.  Discussing your understanding of two of these concepts by providing two relevant case illustrations of your work with an individual, family or group client.  Please make sure to integrate and apply readings to support your practice and ideas. 
  • Schedule an interview with the highest-level administrator in your agency (ask your supervisor for input).  Develop five (5) questions related to the impact of the current economy on the functioning of the agency, staffing patterns (i.e. hiring/firing) and expectations for the near (next year) and long term (5 years) future.  Integrate appropriate readings from any of your courses and/or reliable news sources in your discussion.
  • Read The Gift of Therapy.  How do the author’s experiences and messages equate with your experience as a social work intern.  Consider: The meaning of becoming a social worker in your life (personal and professional);  positive and negative aspects of your social work experiences (specifically what you enjoy and dislike) about being a social worker; areas of personal and professional growth and change;

your work with a specific client or clients applying concepts and ideas from the book you choose.  How have these books impacted you?  What concepts have you applied to your work and what was the outcome?  Assess the books using critical thinking. 

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