Ethical Aspect

Question 1

Write a brief personal statement about your beliefs and values. Your statement should identify at least 3 values (e.g., honesty, perseverance, service, acceptance, or others) that are important to you, explain why you chose them, and include personal experiences as they relate to each value. Feel free to choose from this list, or come up with your own. Be as clear and as specific as possible.

1 full page is fine!!

make something good ( my values are Commitment, Compassion, Honesty,Patience, and Integrity

Question 2

Write briefly in response to the following, using your text and one other reference and citing both in APA format. This assignment should be approximately 1200-1500 words long.

Assignment 3: Seven year old Danny is outside playing in the yard, and he throws a ball that hits his family’s house and breaks a window. Write a description of how each of these kinds of parent might react to the incident. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each kind of reaction?

  1. Indulgent
  2. Authoritarian
  3. Authoritative
  4. Uninvolved

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