Ethical and Legal Issues

Question 1

Sally, a final year nursing student, was working in a busy medical ward. She witnessed Enrolled Nurse (EN) Mary slapping Mdm Tan’s buttock while change her diapers. Mdm Tan had advanced dementia and could not communicate. Sally was hesitant to report the incident to the Nurse Manager (NM) who seemed to be very close with EN Mary.

  1. Identify and analyse the ethical and legal issues involved.
  2. Using the ethical decision making process, propose the best solution based on ethical, legal and professional considerations.
  3. Discuss the implications for nursing practice.

Question 2

Create a strategic tourism development plan for a cultural attraction in your area which is currently experiencing a downfall as a tourist attraction.
The tourism plan should include a current situation analysis in terms of the attraction and activities; determining tourist facility and infrastructure needs; tourist markets; environmental and socio-economic considerations– the impacts; government policies; competitors and so forth; what are the tourism strategies that will be applied with a clear vision and objectives; marketing activities; visitor management– tools and techniques and how the strategies will be implemented in terms of bringing on board key tourism stakeholders that will be involved in re developing the destination– collaboration theory.
The second paragraph at the moment is just a fairly random disorganized list of phrases associated with tourism. This paragraph really needs starting again and being completely rethought. The first paragraph identifies a problem to respond to. The second paragraph needs to articulate exactly what you want the students to do.

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