Ethanol Fuel

Some believe that ethanol is competitive with fossil fuels and will help make cars “greener”. Listed below are a few links to just a few of the thousands of websites concerning ethanol. Read some (or all) of these articles. Next, try to find some on your own (use an online search such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Find some that are for and against the use of ethanol. The government is currently helping the industry through subsidies (primarily tax incentives). After reading through the pros and cons, try to decide if you support the continuation of these incentives by the federal government.

How do you earn maximum credit? REVIEW THE RUBRIC POSTED ABOVE (“Assignments REQUIRING citing GeoRef as a resource…”) TO DETERMINE POINT STRUCTURE!!

Note the stipulation regarding citing all sources AND inclusion of at least one source utilizing the GeoScienceWorld database. [Directions for GeoScienceWorld: In Blackboard, click on Wayland Library in the menu on the left. Next, click on Articles & Databases. Scroll down until you see “Database Search Categories” and click Math & Science. Under the heading Subscription Databases select GeoScienceWorld with GeoRef (listed alphabetically). In the search box type “ethanol fuel automobile” (omit quotations). Find an article or abstract that is interesting and makes sense. You can use your own search parameters but many of the references can be VERY technical! Some may be citations only so be sure and find something that has at least an abstract to read.]
When citing all of your sources, be sure and note which source is from the GeoScienceWorld data base
After reviewing your chosen articles post your opinion on the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel. You should be able to identify the main ideas and present your thoughts in a few brief paragraphs. Around 175-250 words is a good goal for the summation.

REMEMBER: 1/3 of the grade for discussions 2-4 are based on your comments to other student’s posts. Do not forget to do this! Don’t just post “I liked your post” or “I agree with what you said”. Include what you liked, disliked, agreed or disagreed with someone’s post. The intent of these participation assignments is to make you think about the topic and have some discussion with your classmates!

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