Essential Tools

Question 1

With a focus on meeting customer requirements, the voice of the customer is an essential tool in driving organizational performance. As a Supply Chain professional, you have an obligation to be aligned with the customers you support, both internally and externally. You must become familiar with the value the customer expects from your organization.

Write a 700- word summary in which you discuss how the “voice of the customer” is applied in your company. Your summary will need to include the answers to the following questions:

  • How do you impact the results of your customers’ expectations based on your actions?
  • How do you manage internal versus external customer satisfaction?
  • What are some areas of improvement that you can initiate to improve customer satisfaction?


Question 2

Write 3 pages discussing how supply chain management can be made more effective using the following 3 strategies: 1. Lean operations 2. bullwhip effect 3. make-to-order, and their role in improving supply chain.


– Total of three pages

– Each concept/strategy in one page

– Provide introduction and conclusion

– Line Spacing 1.5; page margin: moderate

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