Essay Questions

Please answer four (4) of the following five (5) questions. Your response must have a cover page. Answer all four questions within the body of your work and clearly identify your question number. Within the body of each response please use headings. Use in-text APA citations within your responses. Provide a reference page using the APA style. Each question answered must have a minimum of three (3) references. Each response must be a minimum of 600 words in order for your work to be graded.

1. Eli Lilly & Company manufactures a broad line of pharmaceuticals with strong brand positions in the marketplace. Lilly is also a manufacturer of generic drug products. Is this combination branding strategy a logical one? Explain why or why not and support your thoughts.

2. Many products like Jell-O reach maturity. Discuss several ways to give mature products more vigor. How can management determine whether it is worthwhile to attempt to salvage products that are performing poorly? Support your thoughts.

3. Nestle has been heavily criticized by many groups for the sale of their baby formula products in underdeveloped countries. Research this topic and discuss whether Nestle deserves such criticism or not. Support your thoughts.

4. Suppose that you are being considered for to the top marketing post at CST Brands in San Antonio ( The president has asked you to explain market-driven strategy to the board of directors and provide them with a 900 word paper summarizing the concept. Write a paper.

5. Consider the retailer Macy’s and it’s use of social media and mobile marketing. Assess, evaluate and critique the effectiveness of their approach to social media. Consider social network, thought sharing and media sharing sights. Does their approach to social media reflect an integrated marketing communications approach to promotion? What recommendations would you make to improve their social and mobile marketing?

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