This is a “Trace” assignment, and it comprises both rhetorical & historical context.

A quick overview: For a “trace” assignment, you have to trace a concept as it has been considered by four different scholars and provide an overview of what that concept has contributed to the disciplinary knowledge of rhetoric (or epistemology).

For this assignment, the “concept” you will research is the word “epistemologists.” Thorough instructions to approach the assignment are attached. Please carefully read them. Keep in mind that you need four sources for this trace; HOWEVER, these four sources can ONLY be scholarly articles. Do not use Wikipedia (or any wiki). Do not use reference books, encyclopedias, or dictionaries.

[Note]: Do not just summarize what each source said; of course, state what each says (briefly), but then compare them how they coincide or differ with one another, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, connect it to how it has contributed to our overall understanding/knowledge today—think of it as adding more info towards epistemology.

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