Epidemiological Studies

1.Locate three (3) studies epidemiological studies.

You must find actual journal articles that describe “epidemiological studies” (not articles that discuss, summarize or highlight information provided on an epidemiological study). You must research and locate an actual study that describes the research, findings, and conclusion.


Strive to locate studies that are somewhat current (i.e. published within the past five or six years).

2.Please locate studies that investigate a risk factor or risk factors associated with any health problem/disease. Risk factors are characteristics that affect a person’s chance of getting a disease/illness/injury.

For example, a family history of diabetes would be risk factors for diabetes (e.g. a study on lung cancer that examines tobacco smoking as a risk factor or a study on heart disease that examines hypertension as a risk factor would be appropriate)

3.Be sure to identify each of the three studies by citing them in-text and on the reference page of your report.

4.Next, answer the follow questions as they apply to the three epidemiological studies that you found.

·What were the criteria that you used to select these studies? (For example, only English language studies , studies regarding a specific disease or health issue, peer reviewed articles, studies that involve a specific age group, only United States studies, etc.) Be sure to list at least 3-4 criteria that you used and explain why they were important to you. Avoid reflecting on a personal experience as a criteria (for example, I selected this study because a friend has cancer…this would not be an example for an appropriate criteria).

I suggest that you devote a least one paragraph here… perhaps for each study). The criteria should apply to all of the studies and should be stated once at the beginning of the paper (i.e. after the introduction would be a good place to include a one paragraph review of the criteria that you used to locate the studies).

·What were the types of risk factors studied in your chosen articles? (You must identify the risk factor(s) and explain if it is: environmental, socio-economic, behavioral, etc.)

Be sure that you have covered the reading material and conducted research so that you are familiar with these terms.

Remember that you must explain why you have classified the study as environmental, socio-economic, behavioral, etc. (For example: merely making a statement “this study is environmental is not sufficient”; explain your answers and provide examples

·Which study design was used for this study (e.g. case-control, cohort, etc.)? (Avoid stating that the study is qualitative or quantitative; these are research methods.) You must explain why and provide examples using the characteristics of the specific type of study. Demonstrate that you understand the different types of studies and can identify them.

·Why do you think the researchers chose this specific study design?

You must reflect on the study and the objectives in arriving at your answer. Explain your rationale. (I suggest that you devote at least one paragraph for each epidemiological study)

·What are the proximate or underlying determinants of risk factors that are associated with any health problem for each study? Be sure that you have covered the reading material and conducted research so that you are familiar with these terms. Explain for each study and state why. Provide examples.

·I suggest one paragraph for each epidemiological study.

5.Key terminology that you should be familiar with for this assignment: epidemiological study, risk factors, categories of risk factors (environmental, socio-economic, behavioral, etc.) cohort study, case-control study, proximate and underlying determinants of risk factors

6.Ensure that you have a report consisting of at least three full pages (excluding the title and reference pages.

7.Try to use paragraph header to organize your writing; you will center a level-one paragraph header above the paragraph/section of the paper and format in bold and upper/lower case text

8.Use a 12 –point Times Roman font, format the document with 1” margins (top, bottom, & side); use double spacing, include in-text citations and a reference list. Remember that you cannot include entries on the reference list that have not been cited in the body of the paper.

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