Environmental Systems


Complete aphylogenetic tree of 10 organisms using the included spreadsheet. Look up your name/number, then use that number to select the correct drop down list from the species list spreadsheet page.

I’ve included an example of a Word document using the –>insert –> smart art –> choices to build a horizontal hierarchical tree. You will select ten species and arrange them on a branching tree with each new branch given a name based on a specific classification (likeAnimalia, Chordata,Vertebrata,Mammalia etc.and ending with theGenus species. For situations where there are more than two members in the next taxonomic level, say three of your organisms represent three classes of the same phylum, or the same situation in any other level of classification; you must determine which of the two split from each other first and then the remaining two split. This will require research into the hypothesized evolution of each clade.

Branching should represent discrete classifications and there should be no nodes (branch points) with more than two branches.

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