Environmental Science


Discussion Topic:

  • Would the increased generation of electricity from nuclear and renewables (e.g., solar, wind, and conventional hydropower) be an acceptable approach to reducing greenhouse gases? Yes or No? Explain your answer. 

Take a tour of a nuclear power plant, CNN:

Pro-nuclear argument. Check out the comments section, ignore the trolls, they actually engaged in this exact discussion!

Anti-nuclear argument. Again, check out the comments and ignore the trolls.

Note that these videos are not all inclusive of either side of the argument, nor do I necessarily agree or disagree with any individual point made. They are meant to be representative arguments to inform your own explorations and the derivation of your OWN OPINION on the subject.

Something to consider: if you live in the Miami-Dade or Broward county, you’re reasonably close to nuclear power plants already… how do you feel about that? (Miami’s nuclear power plant:

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