Environmental Regulations

• Policy Memo:
◦ Review a piece of environmental law/policy/regulation in recent public discourse.
◦ Research the policy’s origins, goals, inputs, outputs and results.
◦ Make recommendations whether the policy should be adopted, continued, discontinued, or amended.
• Outline:
◦ Memo Heading: MEMO, Subject, To, From, Date
◦ Main Takeaway: Begin with main point.
◦ Background: Origins and history of policy. Origins, goals, inputs, outputs and results.
◦ Evidence:
◦ Conclusion and Implementation: Recommendation for policy future.
• Format:
◦ Subheading for each memo section
◦ 2-3 Pages including graphics, (max 1,500 words)
◦ Double Spaced
◦ 1” Margins
◦ 12 Point Font
◦ Use Endnotes in paper
◦ Include Works Cited

Please see attached Policy Memo Sample for formatting and organization as a guide.

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