Environmental Regulation

Question 1

Please research the current status of the EPA. What has been the position of the Trump Administration regarding the authority to be exercised by the EPA? Are environmental regulations unnecessary and a drag on the economy? Under which President was the EPA originally created?

Question 2

Please research the claims in support of global warming and its effect on the planet’s weather. What about the assertions of President Trump and the arguments against such climate change?

Question 3

a) If I break a tooth while eating nut bread because there was a piece of shell in the bread, can I recover damages? What about a cherry pit inadvertently included in a cherry pie or a fish bone contained in what was supposedly a fish fillet? What are some court cases in this area?

b) How does the law treat losses sustained as a result of a manufacturing defect or a design defect? What about losses arising from inadequate or unclear instructions? What needs to be included on warning labels? What type of language? What font size? Should we consider who the probable customer would be (with regard to their age, educational background, etc.)? With so much information on the internet and with more people having access, does this mean that we could simply provide customers with a website and not have to print out warning labels on products?

c) Research how the abnormal use of a product might eliminate any warranty or other liability for an injured consumer. In one case a good old boy had his buddy use a lawn mower to give him a haircut feeling that only an inch of his hair would be cut off, but instead part of his scalp was removed. In another case a young lady made toast and put contraceptive jelly on the toast and ate it. She then had unprotected sex and became pregnant which made her furious since she had “used” contraceptive jelly.

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