Environmental Inequality

Critical Environmental Paper
For this assignment, you will write a minimum of 3-paragraphs for each reading listed below (300 words min. per article). This includes a two-paragraph Overview of the main argument(s) of the article, followed by a one paragraph Reflection. Before writing this assignment, refer to this assignment’s Rubric so you know how you will be assessed.
Overview: Write a two-paragraph critical overview of the main argument(s) for each article listed below. Each paragraph should be at least 100 words. Write the name of the article directly above your two paragraph overview of the main arguments. This assignment is different from a typical summary and is not the same as identifying the TOPIC of the article. Discerning the main argument is an important skill and can be surprisingly difficult. No quotations are allowed for this assignment, I only want to read your words. You may not draw upon any websites or information from sources outside of this class (websites, etc).
o Use the authors’ names to identify the articles, not the titles. (For example, “Smith argues that….”)
o Identify the argument, NOT the topic: “Pulido discusses environmental inequality.”: “Pulido argues that racial capitalism produces environmental toxins for communities of color…”
o Use ASA citation style, see the ASA style guide for reference
Reflection: (one paragraph, at least 100 words): Label the third paragraph as: Reflection. This part of your paper is your opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings about the readings and to share any life experiences that relate to the readings.
Here is an example of how to your paper would look:
“The Planetary Ecological Crisis” by Magdoff and Bellamy Foster
[Paragraph 1: 100 words min.]
[Paragraph 2: 100 words min.]
[Paragraph 3: 100 words min.]
Your critical environmental paper must analyze the following articles:

  1. Pulido, Laura. 2017. “Geographies of Race and Ethnicity II: Environmental Racism, Racial Capitalism and State-Sanctioned Violence.” Progress in Human Geography, 41(4): 524-533.
  2. Sze, Julie. 2011. “Asian American Immigrant and Refugee Environmental Justice Activism under Neoliberal Urbanism.” Asian American Law Journal, 18(2): 4-23.
  3. Taylor, Dorceta. “The Evolution of Environmental Justice Activism, Research, and Scholarship.”

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