Entrepreneurial Marketing

Research shows that entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance of explaining their products and services to potential customers and investors.
Select a start-up from the fashion sector or other start-up organization and based on the content discussed in class, prepare a marketing launch package for the selected organization.
Your campaign may focus on a particular opportunity or may be more general in nature. The campaign must include a customer persona; the unique value proposition; launch/marketing deck and a launch campaign, including a video, digital media and other materials to attract and acquire customers.
Specific items to create are:
◦Acquisition strategy – an ad campaign; a promotional video
◦Permission marketing – a landing page
Each example should have a promotion or information focus and all pieces should complement each other in terms of design or corporate identity.

This assignment provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your planning capabilities, as well as a creative approach to the project. The package may be submitted as a written document of between 1500 – 3,000 words, not counting visual content. A link to the video should be included in the document.

A2 – sample outline
Document – 1500 – 3000 words

Title page
Executive summary
Table of contents
◦Start-up (description of company, market, and value proposition)
◦Goals & Objectives for the launch/marketing effort
◦Identify & Profile Audiences (customer persona)
◦Strategies (advertising, social media, etc)
◦Communication Channels to be used
◦Implementation Plan (tactical)
◦Evaluation Points for measurement
Collateral (ad campaign; promotional video; landing page) must be included with a promotion or information focus. Consider the brand and its visual aspects and corporate identity.
Campaign should be at least thee (3) months in length.

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