Engineering Systems

You have completed your engineering apprenticeship and have a position in the design department of your company. You have been asked by your line manager to find the Dynamic Engineering systems solutions to Airbus A 380 – 800.

Your second task is to calculate the velocity and kinetic energy for the movement of a cylindrical drum.

Your final task is to find out the frequency, amplitude and acceleration of a Simple Harmonic Motion and write a report on SHM.


  1. An Airbus A 380-800, with the specification given in table 1, shown below, sits on a runway ready for take-off. Assuming it has undercarriage wheels of diameter 1.4m, is operating at maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and accelerates uniformly from rest to a take-off speed of 300 km/h in the distance given in table 1.


  2. The take-off speed in ms-1

  3. The linear acceleration of the aircraft from rest to take-off speed

  4. The time taken to reach take-off speed

  5. The angular velocity of the undercarriage wheels at take-off speed

  6. The angular acceleration of the undercarriage wheels

  7. The number of revolutions made by each wheel during the take-off run.

  8. The force required to produce the linear acceleration (P 2.1)

Screenshot from 2018-07-18 15-55-37

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