Engineering Project

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically appraise the concept of project management, and when it is appropriate to apply it.
  2. Critically evaluate the strategic context and importance of project management, and the appropriateness of common management techniques.
  3. Demonstrate an in-depth and scientific understanding of modern industrial engineering project management and case studies.
  4. Critically evaluate problems, and propose solutions suited to project management techniques, including team building and resource planning and management.
  5. Critically analyse and decide appropriate means of people and resource management for projects.
  6. Critically appraise the fundamentals of team building for project management and execution.
  7. Apply relevant tools and techniques for project management.
  8. Critically appraise the importance of teams and team working in project management.
  9. Preparing and presenting project proposals in a report format.
  10. Critically assess and make informed decisions in complex and unpredictable scenarios.

Assessment Overview
The final assessment for this module is an Independent Assignment on Project Management
100% (1,500 Words)

This independent assignment requires you to attempt four tasks below through an integral report in a sequential but holistic and systematic manner. The assignment should reflect your understanding of fundamentals and essential knowledge on project management embedded within the module, in line with the project initiation, planning, execution and termination processes.

Task 1

There are three types of structure, i.e. functional structure, matrix structure and project-based structure, applicable for running projects in a modern engineering company.
(a) Discuss the pros and cons of applying the functional structure for running the project.
(b) Using a car manufacturing company as an example, discuss how each type of structure above can be applied and why.

Task 2
(a) (a) Projects are generally classified into three types. What are the key features of each type of projects?
(b)(b) All projects have common characteristics. Please briefly describe these characteristics.

Task 3

(a) One of the key project deliverables is work breakdown structure (WBS) for organizing the team’s
work into manageable sections. Please outline the principle of developing a WBS for a project.
(b) If you are the project manager to set up a stand for a show, please develop a WBS with 4 levels for this project (for level 2 and 3, just need to pick up one activity for next level).

Task 4

(a) “Project selection is essentially important in beginning the project management”. Briefly describe
the basic guidelines to undertake the project selection.
(b) Using an application example to discuss the content of project reporting, the normal reporting lines and methods.

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