Energy Conservation Measure

Question 1

In 100 words or more reply to statement below about life cycle costing

  • Life Cycle Costing is a method of economic analysis for all costs related to building, operating, and maintaining an energy conservation measure (ECM) project over a defined period of time. Assumed escalation rates are used to account for increases in utility costs over time. Future costs are expressed in present day dollars by applying a discount rate that reflects the value of money invested elsewhere. All costs and savings can then be directly compared and fully-informed decisions can be made.Decisions made to cut costs in the capital budget up-front can easily lead to greatly increased maintenance and utility costs, burdening for years and years to come.

Question 2

What is the project schedule performance index if the cost variance is $15,000, the schedule variance is -$4,000, and the planned value is $100,000.

Is this value favorable or unfavorable? What does this mean?

The project cost performance index is 1.1. The schedule performance index is 0.8. The planned value is $500,000 and the schedule variance is – $100,000.

What is the cost variance? Is this favorable or unfavorable? What does this mean

Question 3


  • In your first post, pick an animal species (including perhaps humans) and write about the costs of sex for males versus females. How do these different costs influence the behavior and mating tactics of that species? (Please write 200 – 300 words minimum for this first post). Include links to interesting articles and/or videos. 
  • In your follow-up post, comment on at least one of your colleagues’ posts to expand on their discussion. If relevant, include links to interesting articles and/or videos.


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