Employee Voice

You will be expected to work through the question and identify what the key issues relating to the question are. Having identified these, you will be expected to show your knowledge of theories/models/concepts relating to comparative employment relations to analyse them. You should be able to discuss what the advantages are of specific cross-cultural employee relations and this will be done from the perspective of the application of theories/models/concepts/existing research.

Employee voice has been defined in different ways. For example, Boxall and Purcell gave this definition:
‘employee voice encompasses a whole variety of processes and structures which enable, and at times empower, employees directly and indirectly to contribute to decision-making in the firm’ (2003, p162)
While Emmott defined employee voice as:
‘employees being encouraged, willing and able to make their opinions heard within the framework of an organizational culture based on mutual trust and respect’ (2015, p663).
Employee voice is approached in different ways in different countries in the ways that unions work and European Works Councils operate, for example. In this assignment, critically evaluate the approaches to employee voice based on approaches taken in different countries for the ways to express employee voice.

In preparing for and answering this assignment, please remember to research several ways in which trade unions represent their workers since this is one approach to employee voice. Exploring the ways in which works councils operate may be another way to look at this. There are other ways in which managers aim to engage with employees. Co-determination and joint consultation are also methods which may be used, it would also be appropriate to discuss employee voice with regard to employment relations. You need to ensure that your essay provides a coherent approach to the question, based on what you have decided to focus on and compare. Please make sure that you keep the focus on comparative employment relations.
HR7233 Structure
Introduction – Different definitions of employee voice & approached in different ways in different countries – 300 words
Main Body
A) Employee voice and employee relations – 400 words

B) 1st Approach to employee voice – Trade Unions in UK and France – 500-600 words
C) 2nd Approach to employee voice – European Work Councils in UK and France – 500-600 words
D) 3rd Approach – Co-determination in UK and France – 500-600 words
E) 4th Approach – Joint consultation in UK and France – 500-600 words
Conclusion – 300 words
This work must be properly refernced, include index citations as well, and a bibliography at the end.
It is recommended that you source academic journals, periodicals, and textual references from text books as well as any online research. If you use some online research, please make sure that you use academic sources rather than blogs and general websites. Make sure you support your ideas relevant analysis and evidence.

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