Emotions and Marketing

Search for RECENT research articles that examine how advertising appeals to our emotions, in particular, our fears.
Watch the following three types of advertising messages:
• Political advertising
• Public health advertising
• Commercial advertising

Try to watch more than one example of each type of advertising. Make notes about the overall message and tone. To make this more time efficient, you may consider watching ads on YouTube. Search for the type of ad, and then use the filter to narrow your results. For example, you can narrow the political ads results by filtering for ads from this year.

After watching the ads, complete the following:

Describe the overall tone of each type of ad.

Identify the characteristics that define the emotional tone.

What emotion is the ad trying to arouse

Describe the behavior the ad is seeking to encourage

Identify the characteristics that define the behavior

Apply one theory or concept to explain why appealing to fear can be highly effective. Related to social psychology, analyze the effectiveness of appealing to fear in advertising.

What social conditions foster fearfulness?

Explain how individual perceptions and experiences perpetuate fearfulness.

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