Emergency Management Law

That topic must be a legal research paper no more than 25 pages (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font). You must cite your supporting cases/statutes, law review articles (using Lexus-Nexus) in general accord with “blue Book” form. The topic I wanted to discuss for my legal research paper is school shootings and the legal issues associated with this phenomenon in Emergency Management. Is banning assault weapons the solution? Is raising the age of gun ownership to 21 the solution? Is arming some teachers with guns the solution? How would every school board, every PTA, and EM department in the country navigate this proposed solution? How would it work if teachers were to carry concealed weapons in schools? What type of gun would teachers carry? Who pays for the guns, training, and what are the legal ramifications and liability concerns associated with arming teachers in schools? What governing body would certify those guns? Do parents have the right to object the decision of a school to arm teachers? Will parents have to sign waivers if students are accidentally shot by teachers? If a teacher becomes the threat are teachers obligated to shoot their own?

I believe the legality of this series of questions can be argued from both sides and presents a great challenge and a unique proposal for deeper analysis.

You’ll need to consider all the big 2nd Amendment cases when making your arguments. You might want to narrow your topic a bit. Your description, including the schools issue, may make it impossible to answer your entire proposal.

Perhaps the question concerning the banning of weapons by type and the restriction of purchase by age, could be a sufficient task.

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