Eligibility and Placement Flow Chart

Assessment Description

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act legally mandates a specific set of procedures for young children with disabilities that begins with a referral and ends with the provision of services.

Create a graphical representation or flow chart to include the process of assessment, eligibility determination, placement, and IEP development.

In addition, include a 750-1,000 word essay describing the process based on your chart. Your essay should include:

  • A description of the assessment, eligibility determination, placement, and IEP development process including the people and their roles within this process.
  • Some implications regarding the assessment of young children with delays that are English language learners (ELLs).
  • An explanation of the importance of a comprehensive team assessment approach when working with young children with exceptionalities.
  • Rationale for the importance of the IEP identification process as related to relevant (individualized) educational planning.

Support your essay with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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