Effects of Yoga


Structure of the Research Paper

1. Cover/Title Page (a separate page)

2. Abstract (a separate page)

3. Introduction

a. Hook/Grabber: question; statistics/facts; quote

b. Background Information: general info on the topic; definition of a term; explanation of a concept

c. Problem Statement

d. Research Question: question/ statement

e. Hypothesis/Hypotheses: It is believed that…. / An approach may be taken…

f. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to…/ This paper aims to….

4. Literature Review:

a. minim 5 references; published within the last 5 years

b. review of the research

5. Research Method:

a. meta-analysis method

b. min. 5 references; published within the last 5 years

6. Results

a. narrative: describe the visual and info from visual; cannot analyze results

b. visual (table, graph, chart, diagram, figure, etc.)

7. Discussion

a. look at Results & interpret them

b. Review Problem Statement & Hypothesis

c. compare & contrast Results with Hypothesis

d. why Results are the same or different from expected in Hypothesis

e. the largest section

f. add the researcher’s point of view; do not use “I,” “we,” “you.”

8. Limitations & Implications

9. Conclusion

10. References (a separate page

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