Effects of Police Brutality

Continuing with the cell phone example from the Discussion, certain issues related to society’s adoption of smartphones continue to evolve. In addition to global positioning, cell phone cameras have the ability to record interactions with law enforcement. That simple act actually presents a wide array of still unresolved issues, from public trust in law enforcement to law enforcement’s own ability or confidence to act in such a transparent environment. Is there any precedent for these types of issues? If so, how could they inform a path forward? In this Assignment, you examine the past to predict the future.

To prepare:

  • Identify a contemporary issue or case that exemplifies an emerging or evolving issue or problem that will affect how law enforcement is applied in the future.
    • The contemporary issue does not need to be a “current event” from the news now. An issue that is a few years old is acceptable, and in fact, may have more research available.
  • Find two more sources for your paper to add to the three used in your annotated bibliography.
  • Keep these tips in mind:
    • This choice does not need to be from a current event from recent months. You may choose an item that has evolved over recent years or even decades, understanding that certain issues take longer to evolve.
    • The choice of an issue for this Assignment differs from the Discussion in that the Discussion asks you to work with an event or decision for which you use present circumstances to “trace backward” a prediction. This Assignment is asking you to choose an issue that has been evolving over time and may not be resolved, in order to make your own evidence-based prediction.

Write a 750- to 1250-word paper that identifies a contemporary issue or case that exemplifies an emerging issue or problem that will affect how law enforcement is applied in the future. Address the following in relation to that issue:

  • Explain how past events or circumstances inform or relate to the contemporary issue. If past events do not relate to the contemporary issue, explain why, and explain how the issue evolved independently. To answer these prompts, address the following:
    • Is there a historic precedent for the issue?
    • Is the issue one that has never been resolved?
  • Explain the role law enforcement historically has played in the contemporary issue.
  • Explain the role law enforcement currently has in relation to the issue.
  • Explain how these various factors point to a precedent, decision, and/or policy that will affect law enforcement in the future.

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