Effects Of COVID-19 On Organizations

As Covid-19 struck, most organizations had no choice but to move to virtual mode. Almost all of them have returned to hybrid model. However, hybrid work model is no panacea. Recent surveys have pointed out that 40 percent of workers globally were considering leaving their current employers by the end of the last year (Links to an external site.)
Researchers from McKinsey (Links to an external site.) have pointed out that the disconnect is deeper than most employers believe, and disengagement has been of major concern. Disengagement destroys the fabric of organisation culture. We cannot escape from hybrid work but as Professor Lynda Gratton* points out in the accompanying article, we can get it right. For this pre-work assignment, I would like you to read Prof. Gratton’s work and reflect on the challenges which emerged both at individual and organization level as your organisation moved to virtual and then transitioned to hybrid work environment.

(1) Outline the nature of work prior to COVID? How would you describe the culture of your organization?
(2) How did the nature of work change (from virtual to potentially hybrid) as the first wave and subsequent waves emerged?
(3) What was the impact on your organization’s culture?
(4) What are your key learnings from the journey your organization has been through?

• Lynda Gratton (2021). How to do Hybrid Right. Harvard Business Review. May-June issue. (Available from Hult Library)
• To understand more and reflect on your organization culture, read the pre-readings assigned for class 3 and class 4

Word Limit: 750 words +/- 10% (excluding references or appendixes)

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