Effect of a Strategy of Initial Laryngeal Tube Insertions Endotracheal Intubation

Video link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW_OuxEqpWc (basis for review)
The written critical appraisal task is to assess then following paper:

Effect of a Strategy of Initial Laryngeal Tube Insertionvs Endotracheal Intubation on 72-Hour Survival in AdultsWith Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest A Randomized Clinical Trial

This trial uses cluster randomisation. To help you understand the paper and answer the questions in the critical appraisal task please read about cluster randomisation. Attached is a BMJ paper which explains many of the issues related to cluster randomisation:

Your written critical appraisal should be created in Microsoft Word and submitted as a PDF via the Turnitin system on Learn. It should be no more than 1000 words in length (not including tables, figures or reference lists) a penalty may be applied for submissions in excess of this limit) and should be written in a style appropriate for publication in an academic journal. Credit will be given for style and the quality of academic writing.

Your written critical appraisal will be marked according to the University of Edinburgh common marking scheme.

Students must use either the Vancouver style or the APA style when citing work in written assignments. Further information and guidance on how and why to cite sources and on formatting bibliographies can be found here: https://edinburgh-uk.libguides.com/referencing.

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