Economic Impact

The topic is “A Comparative Analysis of the International Competitiveness of China-US Service Trade”. It is your responsibility to ensure that your topic meets the criteria for analysis of international trade and finance. Background information, as well as, discussion and Knowledge of your research topic should be minimal; definitions are not to be included. Your paper should explain, in dollars or a country’s currency, not percentages, what profits/losses related related to your topic, what having economically because of your topic, what Your topic would contribute to the US and/or other affected countries’ economies. Suggested: your topic’s effect plus or minus on each affected countries’ GDP, balance of payments, labor costs, exports/imports, etc.

Your paper’s focus must be your topic and its positive and/or negative international economic impact expressed in dollars or a country’s currency. Once again, the total focus of your paper must be quantitative analysis (currency) and not a qualitative presentation of your topic.

Here are some suggestions that may be of assistance with the research paper:

Start with the premise of your paper, e.g., the value of the US dollar helped US exports because it experienced less fluctuation from 2004 through 2014 than the Euro.

Reword your premise to formulate an introduction.

Identify 3 or 4 supporting points that will prove your premise. These supporting points become paragraphs and are incorporated in the introduction.

Do Not provide definitions, background, or superfluous information

Focus of your paper must be the economic premise (title) of your paper.

Develop the supporting points into supporting paragraphs.

Write your conclusion stating how you proved the premise of your paper

Provide bibliography; ensure paper is spell checked, proofread, properly formatted, and original work.

NOTE: Expressing comparisons as a percentage is ambiguous without a base value because the amount of change can be greater with a small percentage change versus a very large percentage change.If a country’s GDP increase 500% but the GDP base value is only 100, their GDP is 500.If a country’s GDP increases 4% but the base value is 1 million, their GDP is 1,040,000.

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