Economic Characteristics

Question 1

Submit a paper identifying the ways in which country-specific cultural aspects will impact the negotiation process. What are some important economic and cultural differences between your chosen country and the United States? How do natives of your chosen country perceive (in general) the American style of doing business? How do these cultural/economic characteristics affect the communication style, business approach, and decision-making process of your chosen country?

Question 2

We do a comprehensive portfolio analysis in this project. First, form different portfolios of financial assets from different time periods such as recession and bull market based on criteria created by yourself. Download the data from yahoo finance accordingly. Evaluate and compare the performance of those portfolios using CAPM models. Second, propose your own trading strategies such as technical analysis or fundamental analysis and the timing to buy and sell. Compare cumulative returns of different strategies. Give a detailed discussion of your portfolios and strategies. Keep some observations as holdout sample to examine the out of sample performance of your strategies.  Write a comprehensive report following the style of the sample reports. Also, submit your codes. Work on the project independently. The report is expected to have around 7 pages.

Question 3

The Question is: Explain the conclusion you made from the comparison of these countries? be sure to discuss classification of development, business opportunities, and other factors. Write 3 paragraphs of each questions why Canada trade with China and why not?, why Canada trade with Mexico and why not, and why Canada trade with Japan and why not.

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