The assignment is an ECA (80%) consisting of a 3,500 word case study of the geographical area and institution they practice within, explaining how the nature of the area and institution has changed due to recent policy and social change, the reasons for this change and exploring the effects of this on the experience of children (Module Handbook 2020).

In brief, this can be achieved by identifying:

  • A geographical area of your choice such as a neighbourhood, housing estate, or village.
  • Reflecting upon the cultural, socio-economic conditions of your chosen locality and consider if these conditions have changed in recent times.
  • Selecting a policy theme that is relevant to your locality (such Education, health, early intervention, and family and parents).
  • Assessing if your chosen government’s policy theme address the needs of children and families in your locality. That is, are policies effective when considering the social, cultural, and economic needs within your locality?  

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