Earthquake Research Paper

write paper in APA format about Nepal Earthquake April 2015 in the two area that i mentioned here ( community resilience and path to community resilience) and you need to write in details.

  • Community Resilience à Recovery – What has historically helped communities recover from this type of event? What do you surmise enhances a community’s collective ability to recover to near pre-disaster conditions? What factors have worked against community recovery or prevented barriers in the past?
  • Paths to Community Resilience à Mitigation – Imagine your group is developing a Mitigation Program for that kind of disaster.What would make communities stronger and better able to survive the consequences of a disaster of this type? What could be done in advance of such an incident occurring to make communities more resilient after the fact? What would a mitigation program look like? How does this kind of mitigation activity include behavioral health resilience?

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