Dysfunctional State

Question 1

Select a health issue or disease topic that interests you and describe the mechanism(s) involved in the cause of the condition.

Key Components for a Complete Response:

  • Clearly identify the health issue or disease
  • Explain the significance (why is this important?), discuss a few facts (incidence rates, mortality rates)
  • Explain the mechanism of how the health issue or disease develops
    • identify key organ(s)/body system(s) involved
    • explain the normal state
    • explain the dysfunctional state

Question 2

After exploring the readings, choose a vulnerable population and describe the ethical issues surrounding this population. What is the role of the institutional review board (IRB)in protecting vulnerable populations?

See the Nursing Syllabus Standards & Policies Document for Discussion Participation Guidelines & Grading Criteria.

Question 3

Please write in 300 words or more about one disease where new targeted therapies are using immune cells to fight the disease whether the disease is a cancer, infection, autoimmune disease etc.

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